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case study

Imperial Sugar Company


PROJECT: Imperial Sugar Company (ISC) asked Freed to redesign its consumer websites for the Imperial Sugar and Dixie Crystals brands. Traffic to those websites had grown stagnant and was well below average for the industry. Imperial Sugar Company's decision to revamp the websites was fueled by a desire to not only raise the brands' web presence, but respond to the changing online needs of consumers who desire enhanced features and social media tools that allow increased interaction with the products they use.


SOLUTION: Freed employed a range of technologies and marketing strategies to fully optimize each website for the best user experience. Upgraded navigational tools now allow visitors to quickly locate the information they need and social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube and links to relevant blogs, were leveraged on the sites to engage a larger audience and encourage online communications with consumers. In addition to recipes and product listings, Freed expanded the content on the site to provide more value to consumers. Freed timed the launch of the websites to coincide with ISC's holiday marketing campaign, which included print and radio advertisements. All ads encouraged consumers to visit the Imperial Sugar or Dixie Crystals websites for holiday recipe ideas and other useful information.


RESULTS: Both the Imperial Sugar and Dixie Crystals websites saw a dramatic increase in traffic and new visitors within the first month after the launch compared to the prior month.

Imperial Sugar
» 504% increase in traffic
» 4,000 unique registered users
» more than 230,000 page views, an increase of 752%
» pages visited averaged 4.93, an increase of 41%
» average time spent on the site almost doubled

Dixie Crystals
» visits increased from 1,081 to almost 50,000, a staggering 4,523% increase in traffic
» pageviews jumped by more than 8,000% to 266,379
» page visits increased by 75%
» average time spent on the site more than doubled